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Our values play a big part in the manufacturing of our natural rubber flip flops.
We are a company who focuses on putting the environment first, our values are at the heart of the manufacturing of our natural rubber flip flops. But, what exactly are the values that make Waves a company you can always trust?


As well as looking after you and the environment, we also put ethics at the heart of our production processes. That’s why we source all our natural rubber from sustainable Sri Lankan rubber farms. When you buy a pair of our flip flops, you can therefore rest easy knowing exactly where they came from. On top of that, customers can feel good in the knowledge that every single Waves purchase supports Sri Lankan rubber farming communities, allowing them to achieve sustainable and safe livelihoods.


We’re big on protecting the environment! This means we have made sure our natural rubber flip flops are championing the cause. Currently, the human made and plastic elements in standard beach-bought flip flops are yet another cause for pollution in our oceans. We’re trying to turn that around by offering entirely natural, vegan alternatives. The natural rubber found in every single one of our flip flops offers environmental benefits including Eco-Friendly production, Durability, Reusability and Biodegradable. While we would prefer you held onto your Waves flip flops for a long time, that means even losing one out at sea wouldn’t do any damage! As if that weren’t enough, our manufacturing plant uses all rubber off-cuts to guarantee the least possible waste at all times. And, you can be part of that process by investing in a pair of our natural rubber flip flops today.


Nothing’s worse than a pair of flip flops that cuts your toes in two within seconds. We understand your pain, which is why we also create flip flops with customer comfort in mind. Our natural rubber may be excellent for the environment, but it’s also fantastic for your feet. This light, spongy material will naturally mould to your foot to provide much-needed support and do away with those pesky blisters once and for all.
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